Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Report from Mike FitzGerald, on the Charlotte Latin Mass Community

Dear friends of the Charlotte Latin Mass Community (CLMC),

Laudetur Iesus Christus and Happy Feast of the Purification of Mary! We have a few reminders we wanted to mention, and also share with you an update about the CLMC. 
1. First Friday Latin Mass 7am this FridayThanks to Fr. Reid's generosity and care for our souls, he will begin offering a First Friday Latin Mass on Friday February 5th at 7:00am (Low Mass). This is the only First Friday Mass offered in the Extraordinary Form around the metro area (as far as we know). We encourage you to consider making an extra sacrifice to attend this first devotional Mass if you can.  
2. Ash Wednesday (Feb 10): Latin Mass will be in the morning at 7am. The evening Mass will be Novus Ordo.
3. Latin Masses at Mission: The St. Ann Lenten mission is coming up on February 14-17 at 7pm each night with Confessions afterwards Sunday-Tuesday night. The mission priest, Fr. Wolfgang Seitze will offer the Sunday 12:30pmLatin Mass and the Wednesday evening 6pm Latin Mass (talk begins at 7). Please consider plans to attend.
4. Coffee Fellowship on Sunday February 14th after 12:30pm Mass.
Lastly, an update about the CLMC. 
Over the past several months you may have noticed an uptick in the spiritual activities surrounding the Latin Mass at St. Ann's. Some of these were Fr. Reid's initiative to help care for the souls of all his parishioners while others the CLMC desired and expressed to Father (who kindly obliged!).  It is the latter (CLMC requests) we wish to draw your attention to, not to bring spotlight to the CLMC per se, but to show the potential of spiritual growth and fellowship that can occur when the we faithful work with our pastor to develop ways to grow in holiness. Some of these CLMC requests included Christmas Day Mass, First Friday Mass (see #1 above), and various sacramental blessings you've witnessed after Mass recently.
To facilitate these requests, last year the CLMC formed a Latin Mass Steering Committee comprised of several families & individuals who meet monthly to plan and organize spiritual/fellowship opportunities for the Latin Mass faithful.Attached you will find  CLMC's 2015 Latin Mass Report (our website has the full report) that shares a vision of what spiritual life can develop when working with our pastor. 
Over the course of 2016, the CLMC, working under Fr. Reid's guidance hope to offer more spiritual and fellowship opportunities for the Latin Mass faithful.  As we move forward in 2016, we ask for both your prayers and your help in giving back to our wonderful parish (stay tuned). With more hands to help, the Latin Mass at St. Ann can grow more. We hope you enjoy the read.
St. Gregory the Great, ora pro nobis!
In Christ,
Mike FitzGerald

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Update for February 2016

The Wikkimissa website admin, Emanuel Laurençon, has emailed me that the Wikkimissa website will be restored, yet for the moment he has no time to do so.


Diocese of Raleigh, Diocese of Charlotte,

 Diocese of Raleigh

27278 - HILLSBOROUGH - Holy Family 216 Governor Burke Road
Friday 01 Jan: 9:45 AM
NEW Saturdays, 4pm (satisfies the Sunday obligation)
Thursday 21 Jan: No Mass (Travel to D.C. for March for Life)
Thursday 28 Jan12 Noon

 Thu 11 Feb 12 Noon Sat 13 Feb 4:00 PM
Thu 18 Feb 12 Noon Sat 20 Feb 4:00 PM
Thu 25 Feb 12 Noon Sat 27 Feb 4:00 PM

Thu 03 Mar 12 Noon Sat 05 Mar 4:00 PM
Thu 10 Mar 12 Noon Sat 12 Mar 4:00 PM
Thu 17 Mar 12 Noon Sat 19 Mar 4:00 PM

Confessions are heard every day before and after Holy Mass.
Office: (919) 732-1030
Diocesan, (Fr. Mark J. Betti, Pastor)

27587 - WAKE FOREST - Saint Catherine of Siena 520 W. Holding Avenue
Wednesday  6pm, Holy Hour 5pm
Phone: (919) 570-0070
Fax: (919) 570-0071
Diocese (Fr. Philip M. Tighe, Pastor)

27603 - RALEIGH - Sacred Heart Cathedral 226 Hillsborough Street
1st Sun 4:30pm, but in reality Mass usually begins at 4:45pm
Diocese (Fr. Paul Parkerson)

27804 - ROCKY MOUNT - Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 328 Hammond Street
Sun 6pm
Tue 8am
Sat 8am
Phone 252-972-0452
Diocese (Fr. Tim Meares, Pastor)

27889 - WASHINGTON - Mother of Mercy, 112 West 9th Street
Fri 8:30am Phone parish for more information
Phone (252) 946-2941
Diocese (Fr. Brendan Buckler, Pastor)

28335 - DUNN - Sacred Heart, 106 South Mckay Ave.
Sun 9am (English homily) and 12pm (Spanish homily)
Wed 6:30pm Cancelled Wed 10 Feb
Fri 9am
1st Sat 10am
Ash Wednesday:
6:30am Mass with distribution of ashes
 9:30am distribution of ashes only

Holy Days of Obligation (except Christmas and New Years) 6:30pm.
Confessions: Wednesdays (6pm) and Saturdays (4:30pm), and if possible before daily Mass on Fridays.
Phone (910) 891-1972
Diocese (Fr. Paul Parkerson, Pastor, and Bishop’s Delegate for the Extraordinary Form in the Diocese of Raleigh)

28401 - WILMINGTON - St. Mary 220 South Fifth Street (mailing address: 412 Ann Street)
4th Sun 5pm
Phone (910) 762-5491
Diocesan (Fr. Michael J. Burbeck, parochial vicar of St. Mark’s Parish in Wilmington)

Diocese of Charlotte

27403 - GREENSBORO - Our Lady of Grace Church, 2205 West Market Street
Sundays, 1pm. See Parish bulletin at website for Low Mass or High Mass.
      Cancelled Palm Sunday 20  March
     nota bene: on Low Sunday 03 April, Mass begins at 1:30 pm

Ash Wednesday, 10 Feb, 12noon

Every Thursday, 8am, usually a Low Mass.
Phone: (336) 274-6520
Diocese (Fr. Eric Kowalski, Pastor)
Fr. Noah Carter, Parochial vicar)

28052 - GASTONIA - St. Michael the Archangel, 708 St Michael's Lane
Tuesdays and Saturdays (except 1st Sat) at 8:15 am
Phone : (704) 867-6212 StMichaelGastonia?
Diocese (Fr. Matthew Buettner, Pastor)

28147 - SALISBURY - Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 375 Lumen Christi Lane
Sunday Mass offered monthly. Please check the Sacred Heart bulletin or parish office for the most accurate information on Mass schedules.
Phone : (704) 633-0591 SacredHeartSalisbury?
Diocese: (Very Rev. John Eckert, Pastor)

28209 - CHARLOTTE - St. Ann Church, 3635 Park Rd
Sun 12:30pm
Wed 6pm, Holy Hour 5pm  Ash Wednesday, 10 Feb, 7am
NEW: First Fridays, Latin Mass  at 7:00am (Low Mass), beginning 05 Feb 2016
Diocese (Fr. Timothy Reid, Pastor)

28213 - CHARLOTTE - Saint Thomas Aquinas, 1400 Suther Road
Wed 7pm, Exposition and Confessions 6pm (call parish for Ash Wednesday time)
1st Sat 8:30am
Phone: (704) 549-1607
Fax: (704) 549-1614 StThomasCharlotte?
Diocese (Rev. Patrick J. Winslow, Pastor; Rev. Jason Christian, Parochial Vicar; Rev. Matthew Kauth, in residence)

28752 - MARION - Our Lady of the Angels, 258 North Garden Street
summer: Memorial Day-Labor Day--MEF Sundays at 8:30am
Winter: Labor Day-Memorial Day--Sundays at 9am
(telephone to confirm)
Phone: (828) 559-0678
Diocese (Fr. Carl Kaltreider, Parochial Administrator)

28786 - WAYNESVILLE - Saint John the Evangelist, 234 Church Street
Wed 7pm, Holy Hour and Confessions 6pm (call parish for Ash Wednesday time)
Phone: (828) 456-6707
Diocese (Reverend Fr. Christopher M. Riehl

Friday, January 29, 2016

!st Fridays, St Ann, Charlotte

per Chris Lauer: First Friday Latin Mass, beginning on Friday February 5th,  at 7:00am (Low Mass)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Sunday MEF/TLM in NC at Hillsborough

"After consultation with Rev. Paul M. Parkerson, the Bishop's Delegate for the Mass in the Extraordinary Form in the Diocese of Raleigh, I am pleased to announce that, in addition to every Thursday at 12 Noon in Lent, the MEF will also be celebrated on every Saturday in Lent at 4:00 PM at Holy Family Catholic Church in Hillsborough, NC.

While the Mass will be for the Saturday weekday, since it is celebrated in the afternoon the Mass fulfills our obligation to attend Sunday Mass. Also, there is only a one hour fast before Mass and not three hours prior.

It is hoped that this Mass will also attract those in the area who may be attending the MEF not (yet) in union with Rome. Please 'get the word out!' - Rev. Mark J. Betti"

And the Thursday MEFs for the next two months are: 

Thu 11 Feb 12 Noon    Sat 13 Feb 4:00 PM
Thu 18 Feb 12 Noon    Sat 20 Feb 4:00 PM
Thu 25 Feb 12 Noon    Sat 27 Feb 4:00 PM

Thu 03 Mar 12 Noon    Sat 05 Mar 4:00 PM
Thu 10 Mar 12 Noon    Sat 12 Mar 4:00 PM
Thu 17 Mar 12 Noon    Sat 19 Mar 4:00 PM

Monks in Norcia, all MEF for Mass and Office

Dear Sid,

Hello from Rome. Have you heard of the monks of Norcia?

Big news this week is that after just over 3 years of brewing they have opened an export business and are shipping to the USA. Their website is

Since these monks are trying to live by the work of their own hands, I was wondering if you might like to promote this initiative? Might you send this around to your EF mailing list?

Here's the notice we sent to our friends...